LETTO | Ontano Jacquard Boudoir Sham - CLEARANCE


Ontano is Italian for Alder tree. This vivid yet calming pattern evokes the rustling leaves of a tree that for the Druids symbolized balance between male and female. The depth of pattern and nuance of shading is achieved on the loom using multiple thread colors and intricate weaving patterns.

Both sides of the fabric are beautiful in their own right so Duvet Covers and Flip Shams are completely reversible and create lighter or darker moods depending on the side shown. Knife edges yield clean lines and no floppy flanges!

Duvet Covers have button closures at the bottom, and Flip Shams feature two internal flaps to allow complete reversibility.

Queen Duvet 88" X 92"
King Duvet 106" X 92"
Standard Shams 20" X 26"
King Shams 20" X36"
Euro Shams 26" X 26"
Boudoir Sham 12" X 16"

Ontano Jacquard Boudoir Sham - CLEARANCE

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