Cashmere Shop


For a rather posh touch to the boudoir, a cashmere blanket is a fabulous go-to. Becoming increasingly sensible additions to the home, cashmere items have a simply unparalleled look, feel, softness, and level of quality.

Himalaya Chunky knit Mongolian cashmere.
Alba Throw 100% Mongolian cashmere throw.
Domenica by LETTO 100% Cashmere from Italy.
Coccola by LETTO 100% cashmere from Italy.
Monte Bianco Cashmere Blanket by LETTO 100% cashmere from Italy.
Alpina by LETTO 100% cashmere from Italy
Dorsey Cashmere Throw by Sferra 100% cashmere plain weave throw with watermark effect.
Renna by Sferra 100% cashmere double-faced throw.
Savoy by Sferra 100% cashmere luxury blanket.
Paley Cashmere by Matouk Oversized bliss. Woven from the finest Mongolian cashmere.