Duvets & Shams


The focal point and design statement of the bed, a smart duvet cover punctuates the overall look and feel of the bed.  Complete the look with a few well-coordinated pillow shams for a put-together boudoir. We have highlighted our all-time favorites here.

Amiata by Sferra ♦ NEW INTRO! ♦ Sateen Jacquard: Italian-woven long-staple cotton.
Melba by Sferra ♦ NEW INTRO! ♦ Inspired by natural landscapes and precious stones, Melba features organic lines rendered on smooth sateen jacquard.
Petalo Jacquard by Sferra ♦ NEW INTRO! ♦ Subtle floral motifs are blended in a warm tonal palette.
Tellaro by Sferra ♦ NEW INTRO! ♦ Sateen Jacquard: Italian-woven long-staple cotton.
Favo by Sferra 100% cotton pique matelasse with double-needle stitching.
Balfour by Legna 100% wood fiber, 2-color yarn-dyed.
Biagio by Peacock Alley 100% long-staple cotton yarn-dyed jacquard.
Chloe by Peacock Alley 100% cotton percale with watercolor floral print.
Elba by SDH Cotton and linen yarn-dyed boutis stripe.
Giza 45 Stripe by Sferra 100% Giza 45 Egyptian cotton piece-dyed sateen.
Hibiscus by SDH Linen and silk yarn-dyed jacquard.
Ines by Area 100% pure linen.
Ngutu by Leitner 100% linen two-tone jacquard.
Nottinghill by Libeco 100% linen yarn-dyed herringbone.
Oriente by Signoria 500 thread count 100% Egyptian combed cotton jacquard.
Patina by SDH Silk and cotton yarn-dyed jacquard.
Seville by Legna 100% wood fiber jacquard.
Sfumature Jacquard by Dea 100% cotton yarn-dyed sateen jacquard.
Zurich by Home Treasures 600 thread count Egyptian cotton jacquard.