About Linen Society



In an age of mass-production, we embrace the beauty and heritage of handcrafted linens. Touched by many hands in many parts of the world, our textiles have stories to tell and souls to honor.

We embrace the imperfections of things made by hands. We celebrate wrinkles. We measure what matters, and it’s not just thread count. We promise that what we sell is the best in the world.

To us, this is honest luxury.


While attending high school in France, Linen Society founder Tim O’Hearn was inspired by the European reverence for beauty and quality in the trappings of everyday life. The emphasis on craftsmanship and enduring style was an antidote to the disposable consumer culture he grew up with in the United States.

With those values in mind, Tim opened his first store in Portland, Oregon, in 1995. A raw space with unfinished surfaces and historic patina, it featured some of the world’s most refined bedding and bath linens—a juxtaposition emphasizing the belief that even the most luxurious things are meant to be used daily and only get better with time.

These days, Tim travels frequently, discovering and developing new products for our stores. Seeking fabrics and sewing techniques that create the finest luxury linens in the world, Tim has a passion for connecting with the craftspeople who make our products. “I'm eternally humbled that our textiles are touched by the hands of so many talented people, and I'm so proud that my team and I are able to honor the heritage of generations of skilled artisans."