Cool & Crisp Percale


Clean, crisp, and delightfully light, percale is the choice of those who love a comfortable, breathable sleep. Sleeping coolly and soundly is the essence of percale, and the staple of a well-appointed bedroom.

Sateen Linen Silky Alternatives

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Classic Percale by LETTO 100% long staple cotton percale, 464 thread count.
Americano Percale by LETTO 100% American Supima® cotton, 600 thread count.
Giza Reserve Percale by LETTO 100% Egyptian Giza cotton percale, 500 thread count.
Celeste by Sferra 406 thread count, 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale.
Lowell by Matouk 600 thread count Egyptian cotton percale with 1 inch sateen detail.
Hella by Celso de Lemos 100% extra-long staple Giza Egyptian cotton, 700 thread count .
Capri Percale by SDH 100% Egyptian cotton 2-color yarn-dyed percale.
Vintage Percale by Linen Society 100% long staple washed cotton percale, 210 thread count.
Simply Celeste by Sferra 100% extra-long staple cotton percale with plain hem.
Lyric by Peacock Alley 500 thread count 100% extra-long staple cotton percale.
Grande Hotel by Sferra 100% long-staple cotton percale with double row of satin stitch embroidery.
Sereno by Sferra 100% extra-long staple cotton percale with hemstitch.
Giza 45 Percale by Sferra 100% Giza 45 Egyptian cotton percale.
Ansonia by Matouk 500 thread count Egyptian cotton percale.
Finna by Sferra 100% extra long-staple cotton piece-dyed percale.
Gatsby by Matouk 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton percale.
Classic Chain by Matouk 350 thread count long staple cotton.
Bryant by Matouk 520 thread count cotton percale.
Egyptian Nile by Peacock Alley 100% Egyptian cotton percale sheets.