Cashmere Dream by Hefel Champagne 100% Tencel noblesateen with 100% cashmere fill.
Classic Pillow Stuffer by Hefel 15% down / 85% feather decorative pillow stuffer.
Gold Pillow Stuffer by Hefel 90% down / 10% feather decorative pillow stuffer.
Klima Control Comfort by Hefel Tencel cover and core for all bedding foundation needs.
Protector Klima by Hefel 100% cotton with Tencel / maize fill.
Pure Camel by Hefel 100% Tencel cover with camel hair fill.
Pure Cotton Mattress Pad by Hefel 100% fine cotton and honeycomb stitched cover, with 100% cotton fill.
Pure Silk by Hefel Champagne 100% Tencel noblesateen with scale stitching and 100% silk fill.
Pure Wool by Hefel 100% fine cotton sateen with aloe vera finish, square stitching, and 100% wool fill.
Silver Pillow Stuffer by Hefel 30% down / 70% feather decorative pillow stuffer.
Softbausch 95 by Hefel Cotton blend cover with square stitching and 100% functional fiber fill.
Vital Silver Power by Hefel 100% cotton twill with Silver Protection and aloe vera finish.
Wellness Zirbe by Hefel 100% cotton sateen cover with 100% wool and stone pine flakes fill.