Down Alternatives


If non-down is preferred, there are fantastic options available made of both natural and synthetic alternatives. Leading purveyors such as Sferra, Hefel, Kumi Kookoon, and Matouk provide viable alternatives for down.

Arcadia by Sferra 330 thread count cotton sateen with Pluma-fil down-alternative.
Libero by Matouk 100% polyester fill with 100% cotton shell.
Parson by Sferra Alpaca wool down-alternative with 100% cotton sateen ticking.
Silk Comforter by Kumi Kookoon 100% mulberry silk.
Pure Cotton Mattress Pad by Hefel 100% fine cotton and honeycomb stitched cover, with 100% cotton fill.
Cashmere Dream by Hefel Champagne 100% Tencel noblesateen with 100% cashmere fill.
Klima Control Comfort by Hefel Tencel cover and core for all bedding foundation needs.
Protector Klima by Hefel 100% cotton with Tencel / maize fill.
Pure Camel by Hefel 100% Tencel cover with camel hair fill.
Pure Silk by Hefel Champagne 100% Tencel noblesateen with scale stitching and 100% silk fill.
Pure Wool by Hefel 100% fine cotton sateen with aloe vera finish, square stitching, and 100% wool fill.
Silk Filled Pillow by Kumi Kookoon White silk carmeuse cover, hand-strung silk filling.
Wellness Zirbe by Hefel 100% cotton sateen cover with 100% wool and stone pine flakes fill.
Softbausch 95 by Hefel Cotton blend cover with square stitching and 100% functional fiber fill.
Vital Silver Power by Hefel 100% cotton twill with Silver Protection and aloe vera finish.