Our website is always open for business!

Samuel Scheuer, San Francisco
Open Monday - Friday, 11 to 5.

Grand Maison, Los Angeles
Open Monday - Saturday, 11 to 5.

French Quarter, Portland
Open Monday - Saturday, 11 to 5.
Doorbell access.
Manor, Portland
Open Monday - Saturday, 11 to 5.

Hello Friends,

We’ve missed you, and we’re cautiously looking forward to sunnier days.

As the nation’s sentiments shift around the safety of re-opening retail stores, we’re navigating the rules of two states and three major West Coast counties; it’s a tricky business!

Our primary goal is to ensure the health and safety of our staff and all the folks we come into contact with during the work day. Fortunately, our stores fall into the low foot traffic category which makes it easier for us to keep things clean, and to keep rules enforced.

Our four stores are now open, but with limited hours and days. Please see details above for each store.

Here are the open-store guidelines we've established for everyone's health and safety:

At this point in our country’s slow recovery from this pandemic, we know that many of our customers prefer to shop online. We’re doing our best to expand our offerings and to accommodate a surge in online orders with a very limited staff.

We’re making a few mistakes with these orders (sorry!), and we’re also trying to juggle the whereabouts of backorders, particularly those from Italy. Please know that we’re real people, wearing many hats, and we ask for your patience; our goal is to make you happy.

Lastly, for those of that have supported our business online and over the phone, thank you so much.

Here's to sunnier days ahead.

Be safe, and stay safe.

Tim O'Hearn
[ and his amazing masked team. ]