Mosaico Jacquard | Flip Sham

Mosaico Jacquard | Flip Sham


Mosaico is inspired by tiny bejeweled elements of classic mosaic and brought to life on the loom by multiple thread colors and complex weaving patterns.

Both sides of the fabric are beautiful in their own right so Duvet Covers and Shams are completely reversible and create lighter or darker moods depending on the side shown. Knife edges yield clean lines and no floppy flanges!

All LETTO creations are nestled in a buttoned case made of their own fabric that can be used to safely store bedding when not in use.

Duvet Covers have button closures at the bottom, and Shams feature two internal flaps to allow complete reversibility.

Meant to be used daily, all LETTO bedding may be machine washed and dried using gentle and warm cycles.

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Flip Sham

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