Children's Wash | Laundry Wash

Children's Wash | Laundry Wash


Everyday detergents can contain bleaches and other harsh chemicals that cause the fibers in fine linens to yellow, break down, or otherwise weaken. Le Blanc created cleansers out of the necessity for a detergent in which to safely launder fine linens such as household bedding, table linens, and antique linens.

This product is specifically formulated to care for children's clothing.

Le Blanc® products have a neutral pH formula specially designed for the preservation of all fine washable fabrics; they are free of bleach, caustics, phosphates, sulfates, enzymes, and parabens. Though Le Blanc® products are gentle on all fine washable fabrics, they are triple concentrated so only a ¼ cup is needed to be an effective stain remover against red wine, coffee, perspiration, blood, make-up, and more.

Le Blanc® ’s tips for best results:
  • Wash your new sheets in cold water before putting them on the bed. Expect 3% shrinkage.
  • Dilute your detergent in the water before putting any fabric in the washer. Never apply any soap/detergent directly to fabrics while still dry.
  • Dry your sheets on air fluff, permanent press or the low temperature setting. High heat cooks the yarn causing the fabric to shrink and loose it natural softness.
  • Remove sheets promptly from the washer and dryer, smooth them out, and fold to reduce wrinkling.
  • Iron all your table and bed linens while they are still damp. If a piece is embroidered iron on the reverse side.
  • Give your washing machine and iron a vinegar bath monthly.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands or face to remove any lotions, creams, make up or soaps with oxidizing agents. They will discolor the fabric.

Laundry Wash

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